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These terror attacks are terrible.

I hate little 4 yo meltdowns

Hot as fuck our here.

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just tried to swipe my computer keyboard. lol

Why does eating better give you gas? LOL 🤣

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Remember to do something good for yourself today. Take a break from the internet. Hang out with some plants or animals. Eat or drink something good. You deserve it and your brain needs good chemicals and rest.

You can't save the world by watching the news.

I decided to take off my insurance # and just have my insurance carrier info with other info. So not a lot of PI

So I just bought a RoadID.com bracelet for when I'm out on the bike. I setup a page on one of my sites with some basic medical info. I have it blocked by Robots.txt. Should I PWD protect it? The problem is that the PWD won't be on the bracelet only on the directory.

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