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Decided to have a bit of an art sale of the hand-drawn pieces I have still needing adoption, and donate half of it to the local animal rescue place (townshipanimalrescue.co.za/) :) All signed ink on paper originals!

Small square - $25 USD
A5 - $35
Big square (20cm) - $45

$7 postage

Toot me if you want one! Payment is with PayPal :)

mastodon.social/media/1KbecB5N mastodon.social/media/FV27z784 mastodon.social/media/EsjWFnN1

(Cont. from previous)

These are A4 size - $60 USD and $10 postage.

Let me know if you'd like to see detail pics of any of them - a lot of them have metallic inks that only show up at certain angles, 3D paint blobs, stuff like that.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots mastodon.social/media/a5EXuNjb mastodon.social/media/gYRfdSem

S3th @s3th

@WelshPixie These are awesome!

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@s3th Thank you! :D :D Not great photos, I wanted to get a bunch into every shot so that I could fit them all into a couple of toots, but that means you can't really see the detail in 'em :(