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S3th @s3th

@hugo did we upgrade to the newest version?

Went out for two rides for the first time in a year and loving it, but all this f**king rain. Don't want to ride on slick roads.

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Yes Google, this is exactly what I want to do when I'm standing in line at the Safeway

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"You mean my friends are uploading photos of the Safeway, and I'm not?! Getting some serious FOMO here"

It's a hot one today!

Tried to learn Node.JS. Way above my pay grade. LOL. Time to focus on what I'm actually good at. LOL Marketing and Journalism

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There must be a Rule of Mastodition on what to do when someone you fired testifies against you and don't even notice how bad it is.

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I guess I'm glad I chose today as a day to watch the news? BBC now brought to you by the word "swing".

The new WordPress version is pretty neat.

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Still playing Monument Valley 2, and wholly carp, the Orchard!

If you played the first one, PLAY THIS!


Been absent from all social media lately.

question. Is it bad that I asked two women where DSW was? Was I basing the fact that they might know on gender? Yes. But is that a bad thing? BTW they did in fact know.

My God. An escaped prisoner and now shits on lock down. Fun shit

Loving the iterations happening at the Digital Life Collective (diglife.com/)

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