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Journalist and Muckraker.

This is a "blog" where I share things that I find that I feel are important to document. Most are links/bookmarks to articles that I found worth sharing. Sometimes I give commentary, this commentary is my own and does not reflect the views of anyone/anything other than myself.


Struggling with the whole idea of leaks and whistle-blowing. It is important to a healthy democracy/republic to have brave people who are willing to point out the faults in business and the government. But, when does it go too far ie. Wikileaks?


Well fmr-director Comey's interview on ABC last night was a disappointment. Nothing really new. CNN afterwards was ridiculous 8 talking heads trying to talk about an interview with NO substance.



Sinclair broadcasting is trying to buy Tribune Media. If they do the FREE Press is a goner on local TV. It has been reported by many news outlets that the journalists will be fined for ending their clients if they quit. This is horrible. The FCC needs to block this deal before it's too late.


I had an interesting conversation with my wife last night about Facebook and whether or not it's going to survive this latest scandal?

My first reaction was that it's too big to collapse, but the shear scale of this Cambridge Analytica scandal is so big it might take Facebook down.

Not really sure how I feel about that.

On one hand, good. Facebook needs to be held accountable. On the other hand, it's so ingrained in our lives that the collapse might be bad for society.

Not really sure.


“Busy is a decision.”
– Debbie Millman


So Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had pledged to do what it takes to mend the breach of trust the company has with its users. Will it be enough?